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Jul 20, 2018  

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He said LHDNM might want to have early discussions with taxpayers and tax practitioners on certain issues so that any dispute could be resolved in a timely manner without resorting to lengthy and cumbersome paper correspondences. "Not only will these early discussions prove to be time-saving, but they will also encourage greater transparency and co-operation between the parties involved," he said. He said LHDNM must also adopt and adapt to new business

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Nov 30, 2016  

Peterson Institute for Philosophy and Policy George Mason University "Ethical analyses of physician-assisted suicide often begin and end with claims about the intrinsic value of human life. But, if the practice were legalized, this is only the beginning of the ethical story. Several difficult problems follow: To whom should the practice be made available? And what safeguards should be put in place to protect vulnerable patients? Many of the most interesting and provocative ethical problems regarding physician-assisted suicide turn on whether a patient is ever of the right mindset to make such

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